Have Yourself A Berry Merry Christmas~~A Guest Post I Did Earlier This Month

Hello all!!  My name is Tameka.  I am a former high school teacher, and currently tutor in Math.  I am so excited to share with you the spirit of my blog, Pastries, Pumps and Pi.  Although I am still new to the blogging world, I enjoy inviting others to engage in an adventure with me, as I feature  my favorites in food, fashion and Math.  I live in Texas, and have only experienced a ‘White Christmas’ once in my life.  But I have experienced the love, joy and peace that this holiday season can bring.  And I hope to bless you with that today.

Have Yourself A Berry Merry Christmas!!!

We enjoy berries all year long.  But they really make an appearance during the holidays.  Cranberry sauce alongside your Thanksgiving dressing.  Blueberries in Christmas morning pancakes.  And berries of all sorts in our favorite holiday desserts.  Actually, they show up quite a bit in desserts during the holidays.

I was interested to discover other ways to enjoy berries this season.  So, I explore the blogs for some inspiration.  We all know that you should start every morning with a great breakfast, and Christmas morning is no exception.  Take a break from pancakes, and try crêpes instead.  Although these Strawberry and Dulce de Leche Crêpes from Spoonful.com are sweet, they are great for breakfast.  Who doesn’t love caramel?!  Your kids will enjoy these.

While you are putting the finishing touches on dinner, you could serve up a simple appetizer for your dinner guests, Berry Crostini (my own idea inspired by the berry).  Top slices of a toasted, crusty loaf with cream cheese and some berry jam or preserves.  Easy as pie.  Oh, we’re not talking desserts right now.

Let’s not forget about the main course.  Alongside your ham, turkey or roast, you can serve this Cranberry Couscous Salad.  I found this recipe at TriangleFoodie.com.  They describe the salad as “full of protein, vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and more!”  I could see myself enjoying this, except for the jalapeño.  I would have to exclude it since I’m allergic.  Yes, I know.  Crazy for a Texan to be allergic to jalapeños.  I don’t care for spicy food anyways.

Berries can be eaten, but we can also have them in a drink.  Smoothies, shakes or even juice them.  I found these two drink recipes to be very interesting.  The Merry Berry Christmas is a chilled drink.  It is composed of three different berries, and is sweetened with agave nectar.  You can get the recipe on MyRecipes.com.  If a warm drink is what you prefer, them the Warm Berry Cider is your pick.  It is very easy to prepare,  and has fresh thyme and lime.  Hey, that rhymes!  And that does too!  The cider recipe is found at Pizzazzerie.com.


I cannot wait to try these creative recipes.  They bring a new appeal to the berry.  I know each of you are planning your holiday meals.  Are you incorporating berries?  In what ways?  Please share how you will make this a Berry Merry Christmas for you and your familyI’d love to hear about your favorite berry recipes. 

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Merry Christmas!!

Special thanks to Cathy for the opportunity!

**All photos courtesy of referenced websites.