Singles Enrichment Weekend 2013

Last weekend was indescribable!!  I attended the Southwest Region Conference Singles Weekend.  This was the 5th time that I have attended.  This year the weekend was hosted by Shiloh SDA Church in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I was excited to return to Arkansas since they were so hospitable when they hosted three years ago.

My brothers, three friends and I left San Antonio in the early morning hours to tackle the road for the lengthy drive.  It was cold here when we left, but we knew the weather would be more fierce in Little Rock.  Especially since they had been iced in the week prior.  So we were sure to pack coats, gloves and scarves.

We arrived safely Friday afternoon, and checked into our hotel.  We decided to rest for a while before heading to Shiloh for an agape feast.  The singles of the church put on a skit about bad habits, as we feasted on much needed soup and cornbread.  Pastor Moody, Youth Ministry leader of our conference, did a seminar on “Mind Over Matter”, our theme for the weekend.  He talked about having self-discipline and self-control.  He stated that everything that we do must be in line with His will.  And he suggested that we pray and fast about any relationship.

Saturday morning, after enjoying made to order omelets at the hotel, we headed back to the church for Sabbath School and Divine Worship service.  I helped teach Sabbath School, reflecting on the three angels messages in Revelations.  Divine worship service was one of the best I’ve ever experienced!!  The singing, the praying, full of the Holy Spirit.  Evangelist McBrown spoke on learning to live with a bad hand.  He used a reference to a Spades card game.  He said it doesn’t matter what you have in your hand.  It’s what your partner has in His hand, allowing Jesus to be your partner.  Deep, mind-blowing sermon!

We had lunch after service, a nice soul food vegetarian meal.  Then we headed over to a community shelter for community service.  We always serve in the community at our singles events.  We took clothes, shoes and toys for the adults and children, and sang Christmas carols with the residents.  It was a blessing to be a blessing to them.

We returned to the hotel to rest and prepare for the Ball.  I had been searching for months for a gown, and surprisingly found an inexpensive one on Amazon.  I was just so happy that my hair cooperated, and I had a successful twist out.  We had a blast at the Ball:  ice breakers, games, fashion show.  We also had an awesome band and a comedian host.  My younger brother even performed a song for us.

On Sunday, our final day of the weekend, we had a brunch at the hotel.  Pastor Moody provided Part 2 of his seminar.  He said there are questions we should ask ourselves before engaging in a serious relationship:  Will this person prepare me for heaven?  Will this person hinder my relationship with God?  He suggested dating for at least a year before marriage.  And he also recommended writing a mission statement for your life, and a vision and mission statement for you and your spouse before marriage.

As always, I had a fabulous weekend:  seeing familiar faces, and meeting others for the first time.  I was really sad to leave.  But all good things must come to an end.  Until next year, unless by some miracle, I marry by then.

**All photos courtesy of Kris and Rodney Brown