Happy New Year!!!

Today, we embark on a new year.  This is a time where people make resolutions, most of which they won’t keep.  Others have already ‘predicted’ what 2014 will be for them.

 But I have not and will not make any resolutions or predictions for the new year.  I will pray that God gives me strength to overcome whatever obstacles I face, and to appreciate whatever blessings He extends to me.

To help keep you and myself inspired at the start of 2014, I will have a 50 day series on ‘I Have Learned’.  These tidbits come from an inspirational stories app that I have on my Microsoft Surface tablet.  I hope this series will give us all the hope, faith, inspiration and motivation for the new year.

Thanks to all who stop by and visit here at Pastries, Pumps and Pi.  I hope that this year we can engage in more conversation as I share more with you, and you do the same in return.