Bye Bye Dots

Just like any woman, I enjoy fashion:  especially shoes.  I like designer duds, but dislike paying designer dollars.  I purchase items that fit well, and are priced nicely.  So, imagine my disappointment when I found out one of my favorite clothing stores was going out of business.

I’ve been purchasing items from Dots for years.  Most of their stores will be closing at the end of the month.  Some have closed already.  I’ve found good quality clothing at reasonable prices.  It has been the best place to buy camis and t-shirts without paying a fortune for them.  I’ve found nice pieces for work and church, and lots of maxi dresses for under $20.  And we know how expensive a maxi dress can be. 


I recently took advantage of their hugely discounted items (now 60-70% off).  For about $55, I purchased a pair of jeans ($6!), a pair of leggings, two pairs of flip flops and numerous socks and underwear.  One of my favorite finds was a geometric printed dress for only $11.  Yes, I thought it was a shirt at first.  I was scared it’d be too short on me. But I think it fit well. 


I’m going to miss Dots.  But before I say a final goodbye, I think I’ll stop in to make a few more purchases.  Sunglasses are on my list.  Maybe I’ll find some more awesome deals! 

Where is your favorite place to bargain shop for clothing?