Getting In Touch With Nature And God

I’ve mentioned that I attended Camp Meeting this past weekend.  There was so much going on, and so much that I experienced, that I couldn’t write about it in one post.  Our Camp Meeting takes place at Lone Star Camp in Athens, TX.  I was there last Thursday through Sunday.  The theme this year was “Revive for His Work.  Reform for His Coming”.

On Thursday and Friday, I attended Singles Ministry training in the early afternoon.  Late Friday afternoon, I visited the camp site for our church Pathfinders group.  It was nice to see the kids prepare for the tent inspections and practice for their drill competition.  The Pathfinders have an annual camp themselves during Camp Meeting.  They get to interact with other Pathfinders in the conference.  They participate in team activities like obstacle courses.  They also receive Honors for their achievements throughout the year.  On Sunday, they had their drill competition.  For the third year in a row, they received First Place overall for the year for administrative duties, completing workbooks, etc.  In August, they will be going to Osh Kosh, which is a Pathfinder Camporee for Pathfinders all over the world!  

Some of the Pathfinder Directors and Counselors have been working for months to complete their Master Guide requirements.  Master Guides are the highest in leadership for Adventurers and Pathfinders in our General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.  And believe me, the training and coursework is intense.  My brother and others were ordained as Master Guides during this Camp Meeting.  My brother said that the coursework is similar to getting a degree.  But all their hard work and efforts paid off.

my brother in his Master Guide uniform

On Sunday, we had the last sermon of the weekend, given by Pastor Carl Ming (he was ordained the day before).  Pastor Ming is a dynamic speaker, on fire for the Lord.  Don’t take my word for it, check him out on YouTube.  Ming spoke from Isaiah 54:7,8 and Amos 3:12.  The title of his sermon was “He will take what’s left.”  The lamb only had its legs and piece of an ear left.  Yet, the shepherd still loved him enough to pull him from the lion’s mouth.  Even in our sin, God loves us enough to come and save us.  The devil has taken the best years from us, but God will take what’s left.  Pastor Ming said that God only needs the legs and piece of ear because “the sheep hear my voice and follow.”  And although we only have legs and piece of an ear, our circumstance is still salvageable.  If we are sick, financially troubled, heading towards divorce, our circumstance is still salvageable.  He will take what’s left.  Thank you Pastor Ming for another powerful sermon.

I was happy to make it to Camp Meeting this year, I missed it last year.  The weather was good, not as hot as it can be.  Being in God’s outdoors was great also.  It was nice to commune with God and fellow Christians.  Until next year….

**some photos courtesy of Rodney Brown

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