Motivate Me Mondays Week 2

Welcome back to the second week of Motivate Me Mondays!!

This is the place where you can seek some motivation throughout the week.  Last week, my goal was to get all my posts scheduled.  It didn’t go exactly as I planned.  I did two separate scheduling sessions for my posts last week, but that was a huge improvement from writing them daily.  I’m going to continue to get better at it.  And many thanks to all who motivated me and provided words of encouragement.

Motivate Me Mondays is a platform for motivation for yourself and others.  It is an opportunity to not only share your goals with others, but be encouraged by others to achieve those goals.  This is how it works:

  1. Every Monday in August, you can list a goal that you have set for yourself for the week.  Be sure to say “Motivate Me“.  Remember, the goal should be realistic and attainable within the time frame.
  2. You will also include your Facebook or Twitter URL so that others can send you some motivation throughout the week.  Please only one URL per person.
  3. By adding your URL, you agree to offer motivation to all involved.  The goal is for everyone to motivate each other, so please cooperate.
  4. Try to send words of motivation to each person at least once during the week.  Check back often to see who has joined in.
  5. Join in and be motivated!!

My goal for the week is a personal one:  to find a children’s story that I wrote back in middle school.  I have it stored away, but can’t remember exactly where it is.  My plan is to edit it, get it illustrated, copyrighted and published.  This has always been a dream of mine, and I want to make it a reality.  So, Motivate Me!!

How can we motivate you?