Orange Lovers Recipes

Many people love citrus.  Some like to eat fresh citrus fruits for breakfast and as a snack.  Some like citrus flavor in their foods. 

I was searching for some new and interesting citrus flavor recipes on Pinterest.  We all know that everything can be found on Pinterest.  And I came across some very delicious looking items. 

Sunburst Smoothie

picture courtesy of Family Fresh Meals

This is a nice smoothie recipe that incorporates orange juice and carrots.  There is also additional citrus flavor from mango and pineapple.  I’m not a fan of pineapple because of the texture.  But I don’t mind it in this recipe since everything is blended.  The flax seed is a plus.

Crunchy Asian Cabbage Salad

picture courtesy of Country Cleaver

This salad just looks tasty.  I can only imagine the wonderful texture from the cabbage and crunchy Chow Mein noodles.  It has the oranges for sweetness, the lime juice for acidity and the pepper flakes for spice (I personally don’t do spice, so I would have to omit them).  And it has a peanut sauce for dressing.

Crispy Orange Sesame Chicken

picture courtesy of The Hopeless Housewife

Who doesn’t like orange chicken?!  That sweet and tangy combination is very tasty.  The sauce in this recipe may have quite a few ingredients, but it seems fairly easy to prepare.  I would love to make this with a vegetarian chicken substitute, and serve it over rice.  

Are you a lover of oranges?  What is your favorite orange recipe?