Reunited With My Love Muffin

Finally!!  My love muffin and I were back together again.  Oh, I don’t mean that love muffin.  Not a significant other.  But a muffin I love dearly, nonetheless.

One of my favorite muffins is the Cinnamon muffin from my local HEB grocery store.  I could eat one almost everyday.  The muffin is fairly large, not puny at all.  And I love the texture of it (texture is important to me when it comes to food).  Very fluffy and soft.  It is loaded with cinnamon flavor because of the cinnamon chips.  And it has coarse sugar on top.  Sometimes they put more sugar than I like.


Well, why did I have to be reunited with this beauty?  Some of HEB’s muffin flavors are seasonal.  But the Cinnamon had always been a regular.  I would always check the bakery section to see if they had any fresh ones.  But I hadn’t seen them in store for several months.  And believe me, I checked several store locations.


So, I finally asked one of the bakery workers about my muffins,  That’s right, MY muffins.  She said that they don’t really sale that flavor anymore.  I asked if there was any way I could special order them.  And she so kindly stated that she would include them in their next order.  Thank you God!!

I picked up a package the other day.  It was as if no time had passed.  My muffin was still as nice and sweet as I remembered.  And the love was still the same.  “Reunited, and it feels so good.”  🙂