Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  You ate well and enjoyed time with family and friends.  But what are you going to do with all those leftovers?!  Here are a couple of recipe ideas to ensure that none of the food goes to waste.

photo courtesy of goodlifeeats.com

  Use your remaining cranberry sauce to make this decadent butter.  Place atop your weekend breakfast of biscuits or muffins.

photo courtesy of purelyconsumed.wordpress.com
It’s hard to transform leftover stuffing and dressing.  But add it to some mushrooms for a nice treat.
3.  Carrot Soup/Smoothie
You can use the extra glazed carrots in your favorite carrot soup recipe.  Or blend them with your favorite greens and juice for a smoothie.

photo courtesy of justataste.com
Mashed potatoes can be boring as leftovers, but you can jazz them up and make these cheesy cakes.  Serve with sour cream or Greek yogurt.
5.  Turkey Sandwich
The old tried and true leftover turkey sandwich.  You can’t go wrong there.  I used to make mine with mayo, lettuce, cranberry sauce and a sprinkling of lemon pepper.  Take it and make it your own.
How do you enjoy your Thanksgiving leftovers?