I Actually Cooked For Christmas Part 4

This is the final part in this series.  I’ve actually come up with recipes and found myself in foreign territory this month:  in the kitchen!  It’s been challenging, but fun.  And I must admit, I’ve impressed myself.

For this week’s recipe, I didn’t actually cook.  I wanted to, had grand intentions to.  But my allergies got the best of me and had me in bed most of the week.  So, I thought I’d create something nice and light.  I decided to make a Cranberry Orange Milkshake.

I used Simply Cranberry Juice Cocktail and Simply Orange Juice (because they are the best).  We only had the high pulp orange juice (yuck) but I used it because the pulp would be blended anyway.  I think my love for the juices got me, because I added quite a bit.  But I wanted to have those flavors really come through.

 I only added a little bit of almond milk, and a nice amount of vanilla ice cream.  I noticed that my ‘milkshake’ was looking more like a smoothie.  Or should I say ‘shoothie’, ‘shakie’, ‘milthie’.  I don’t know.  But I could have thickened it with more ice cream, but that would have made it too sweet.  So if you want a thicker ‘milkshake’, use less liquid or add more ice cream.

All in all, it was really good.  The flavors were strong like I wanted them to be.  It kinda tasted like an Orange Julius, yum.  This was quick and easy to make.  And I’m sure that I’ll be trying this again.  Maybe next time, I’ll add some fresh oranges (we didn’t have any).  Try out the recipe below, and the other recipes from the series, and tell me what you think.

What is your favorite type of milkshake?

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