Resolutions: Make Them or Not?

The year is winding up, and a new year is fast approaching.  It’s that time of reflection for most people.  They look back on the past year:  the good and the bad.  And most decide how they are going to make the new year bigger and better.  So many people will make New Year’s Resolutions.

I’ve made resolutions in the past.  I haven’t always stuck to the resolution that was made.  And usually by the first quarter of the year, most people have given up on meeting those goals.  So some years ago, I decided to stop making ‘resolutions.’  I decided to make a few goals, and see where God leads me for the year.

It made it easier this way.  No more stressing everyday about adhering to the resolutions that I had made.  I just tried to deal with whatever God had in store for me.  Not saying that that’s easy, because sometimes God puts us in situations that we don’t enjoy.  But it’s harder to stress about it when God is part of it.

So for this new year, yes, there are some changes I would like to see.  But I won’t ‘resolve’ them.  I will work towards them.  And I will achieve them if it is the Lord’s will.  So, when you are making your resolutions, at least be realistic about them.  This will ensure that there is not a lot of disappointment if you don’t reach them.

Are you making resolutions for the New Year?