Single, But Not Alone: Singles Enrichment Weekend 2014

Last month, I attended our church conference’s Annual Singles Enrichment Weekend.  This year the event was hosted by Berean Adventist Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  And let me say, that we had a blessed weekend.

My brother and I headed out very early in the morning to make the drive to Louisiana.  I’d like to say that I remember how the drive went.  But I was asleep most of the time.  I tried very hard to stay awake and help my brother drive, but I was only working on less than 2 hours of sleep.

We arrived in Baton Rouge much earlier than I expected, and did some last minute shopping before getting ready for the evening’s event.  That Friday night, we had an Open Mic Night and Agape Feast at the church’s wellness center.  We heard spoken word by Rebecca who spoke of being satisfied, exclusively with God.  We were also blessed with two moving praise dances.

The guest speaker for the evening, Charlotte, titled her seminar “Check Yo Connection.”  She stated that a faith-filled believer of God can never be alone.  “Not knowing who you are in Christ will really make you feel alone.”  She summed up her message by stating that you are not alone, you just need to tap into the right power source.  She advised that you “find out who you are in Christ.”

On Sabbath morning, we had a blessed time reviewing our Sabbath School lesson for the week.  Our singles who volunteered to teach the lesson did a fantastic job.  But the highlight of the morning was the Divine Worship service.

I had the pleasure of filling in for Ms. Evelyn to do our traditional roll call.  This is the time when we recognize the singles that are attending from the five states of our conference.  I think I made Ms. Evelyn proud.  The praise team was amazing!!  Although there were only four of them, their voices sounded like a full choir.  And the musician, Patrick, led them in single our theme song for the weekend, “Single But Not Alone.”  

And the message was off the chain!!  Our guest speaker, Pastor John Scott, came all the way from Canada to bless us with a word from God.  His sermon was titled “Challenges in Going the Extra Mile.”  He spoke from 1 Kings 17:8-17 and 1 Corinthians 7.  He took this passage of scripture and expounded upon it from a different perspective.  He spoke of the challenges the woman faced.  
  1. Gender.  She was a female.
  2. Station.  She was a widow.
  3. Spirituality.  Her location did not condone her relationship with Christ.
  4. Water.  It was a scarcity.
  5. Food.  It was also not in abundance.
He pointed out that Elijah pushed the woman to go a step further (the extra mile) even though she didn’t know what to expect.  Sometimes we need someone to push us to the extra mile.  The woman was given a promise from God that what she had would not run out.  But why did God choose her?  To develop her character, strength and faith.  It is the same reason that God chooses to push each of us.  

Pastor Scott was on fire!  He even had to come out of his suit coat because the Holy Spirit was working in him.  He encouraged the singles at the close of his sermon.  He stated that our inadequacies are covered by God’s adequacy.  Our challenges should not be ignored, but lived through and worked through.  What a blessing church service was.

We enjoyed lunch at the wellness center and then headed out to a Homeless Veterans shelter for community service.  We sang Christmas carols and Pastor Scott provided an impromptu message for the veterans.  The veterans were presented with gifts from the singles as we thanked them for their service.  Then we were off to the hotel to get ready for the ball.

My crazy, older brother was our MC for the ball.  He is a clown so it was a great fit.  We enjoyed a great vegetarian meal (forgot to take photos of the food, too busy eating) while the band played soft jazz music.  Throughout the evening, we were entertained by a comedienne, guest soloists Patrick and Victoria, icebreakers, games, the band, our MC and more.  And we did our traditional group rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas, which is always so much fun.  We were up late, due to all the pics we took after the ball.

But we were up early the next morning to end our weekend with a brunch.  During the brunch we had a panel discussion, led by Pastor Scott.  We discussed issues that singles have.  One of the big topics of discussion was whether or not males/females can have strictly platonic friendships.  It was very insightful and informative.  I always love being around other singles who can relate to the issues I face.  

As usual, it was sad to say goodbye, but all good things must come to an end.  It was nice to see familiar faces and to meet new ones for the weekend.  I always leave the singles events fulfilled.  A few of us stopped to get beignets before getting on the road.  All in all, we had a great, spirit-filled, good Christian fun weekend.  Until next time!