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3 Things That Have Made Blogging Easy

I have been blogging for over a year now.  And it has been a learning and growing experience.  I do not know all the great tips and tricks for making blogging easy.  But I do know what has worked for me.  Am I the best blogger?  Definitely not.  I still have more things to learn and more growing to do.
Sometimes as bloggers, we get too wrapped up in stats.  Pageviews, followers, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Pinterest pins.  Yes, these items do have an effect on the success of our blog.  But there are other things that can contribute to our success.  Here are the three things that have consistently worked for me.

  1. Regardless of my stats, one thing I have always done is stay true to myself and my interests.  I can’t forget why I started to blog in the first place:  I wanted to share my favorite things and my thoughts on life.  I continue to post about my love of pastries (a lot) and other foods. I’m not a total fashionista, but I like to share my style.  I continue to provide math tips and tutorials as well.  If I stray from this, to do what everyone else is doing, am I really being successful?
  2. To provide some consistent features, I have a few themed days on the blog.  On Tuesdays, I have Feel The Music, a blog post for all music lovers.  And on Wednesdays, I have Who’s Wearing What Wednesdays.  This began as a way for me to showcase my fashion sense and that of others.  And a few months ago, I turned it into a link party that is growing weekly.  I’ve also started to provide math tips on Mondays.  Because of these themed days, I always know what I will be blogging about for most of the week.
  3. Researching and reaching out to other bloggers have also been helpful.  If I like something I see on another blogger’s blog, I reach out to them for advice and tips/tutorials if possible.  And most have been very nice and eager to provide assistance.  It never hurts to ask.  I also search the web and Pinterest for tips to help me run my blog efficiently. 
As I said, I’m still learning and growing.  And there are a couple of things that I know will help me even more.  I just have to start doing them!
  1. Using an editorial calendar/blog planner (this is crucial for me since I’m prone to organized chaos).  I’ve seen several offered free from bloggers.  I just need to tweak one to be a perfect fit for me.
  2. Scheduling all of my posts for up to a week in advance.  I might schedule some, but life will be easier if I’m more consistent with this.
What tips help make blogging easy for you?