Cabbage Steaks Meal

I have been wanting to try something different for dinner.  And decided upon making Cabbage Steaks.  This is a low cost, vegetarian meal option.  And it’s also very easy to prepare.  To make the cabbage steaks, you’ll only need a few ingredients, but the roasting time takes about an hour.  Thank God I had my brother helping me.

We cut the steaks about 1 inch thick.  I recommend leaving the core in until roasting is done.  We removed the core before cooking, which caused some of the steaks to unravel.  Then we rubbed each side of the steak with smashed garlic cloves.  Afterwards, we brushed each side with olive oil.  Salt and pepper were added to each side as well.  The steaks roasted in a 400 degree oven for about an hour, being flipped half way through the cooking time.  And that’s all to it.  I’m sure that you can add additional seasoning if you like.

I thought about serving it with pasta, but still wanted something different.  I found a recipe for Parmesan and Spinach Orzo.  Orzo is a small rice-shaped pasta.  And we had a fun tri-color mix.  The good thing is, we had most of the ingredients already and only needed spinach (and onion, for which I had to make an additional trip to the grocery store because I didn’t realize we didn’t have any).  The recipe didn’t state what size onion.  We doubled the recipe and had two fairly large onions.  So there ended up being much more onion than I would like, since I’m not a fan of onions anyway.

The orzo is also simple to prepare.  You cook the onion and garlic for about until translucent.  Then you wish in a little flour to thicken everything.  Milk is whisked in next to make everything creamy.  I substituted almond milk instead of the whole milk.  Once that mixture thickened I added the spinach and let it wilt.  Finally, I added some Parmesan cheese.  Be sure to add salt and pepper to your orzo.

The orzo was very creamy and good.  And the Parmesan was not too overpowering.  Again, next time I will be sure to watch the amount of onion that I add.  The cabbage steaks were well roasted with that touch of garlic.  To complete the meal, we added glazed carrots. The next steak I want to try is the cauliflower steak.   I like this quick and simple meal and know that we will be preparing it again.  

Have you tried cabbage steaks for dinner?

**photos courtesy of Kris Brown