A Child Awaits Jesus

I had the most interesting conversation with my godson.
Godson:  Meka, you know Jesus is coming real soon.
Me:  Yes, He is.  That means we have to get ourselves together so that we will be ready when He comes.  So that we can go to heaven.  We have to do the things that God wants us to do.
Godson:  I can’t wait for Him to come back.  I want to go to heaven.  No one should want to go to hell.  You know what I think,  I think that when Jesus comes back, He’s going to stretch out his arm from the sky.  And we’re going to walk up His arm to heaven.  That’s what I think is going to happen.
This conversation was so profound to me, and really moved me.  It made me realize that although I am waiting for Jesus, I still have some work to do to be ready when He comes.  I was shocked that my godson started that conversation, but I am so happy that he feels the way that he does..  “From the mouth of babes.”  
My godson and I are awaiting Jesus’ return?  Are you?