DIY Turmeric Face Mask {Guest Post}

Why spend tons of money on a facial mask when you can make your own?  And it’s all natural!  This guest post by Tianna features a ‘green‘ face mask.  Tianna blogs at Storybook Apothecary.  Be sure to visit her site for more beauty tips.

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Special thanks to Tameka for letting me guest post on her blog today!
As a green beauty enthusiast, I love DIY beauty recipes. Sure, luxury green beauty is gorgeous with it’s high end packaging and complicated product formulas, but sometimes, our skin just needs a few simple ingredients to get our glow back.
With the beginning of spring here, I’m sure I’m not the only one dealing with less-than-radiant skin. If, like me, you’re looking to put the glow back into your skin, then you’ll want to try this simple beauty DIY face mask recipe!


DIY Glow Face Mask Recipe ♥

  • 1 Tablespoon | Manuka Honey | Manuka honey is, like regular honey, a humectant which means it helps attract moisture to the skin. If you are experiencing dullness, it’s likely that your skin is somewhat dry. Honey helps to attract more moisture to your skin which results in better hydration. Manuka honey, in particular, comes from New Zealand and has strong antibacterial and brightening properties. This will help brighten your complexion, heal and/or prevent breakouts, and gently exfoliate your skin.
  • 1 Teaspoon | Turmeric | Turmeric is one of my favorite herbs EVER. It’s wonderful to drink as a tea as it helps lower your risk for diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, but as a beauty ingredient, turmeric is brilliant for brightening up skin, fighting aging, and healing acne. It can help improve dark circles, acne scars, pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines, balance out dry and/or oily skin, and even out skin tone. It’s the primary ingredient in this mask because it’s exceptional at helping give your skin a glow!
  • 1/2 Teaspoon | (ground) Cinnamon | Cinnamon is brilliant on acne and works great at exfoliating dry skin. It’s also fantastic for plumping skin because it helps stimulate blood flow to the skin.
  • Water (as needed)

Directions: Mix all ingredients in a small bowl until it forms a paste. Add water to get your desired consistency. I went more for a watery consistency because I like how it feels more like a scrub when applied. Leave on 5 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. A warming sensation may occur during use, but you should be fine as long as you do not have sensitive skin. Keep away from eye area.
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Notes: If you have sensitive skin, leave the ground cinnamon out of this recipe and use only turmeric and regular honey with a little water. Alternatively, if your skin is more on the sensitive side, you can also use equal parts milk or yogurt with the turmeric and it will be gentle, but the dairy will still help exfoliate skin. The more liquid you use, the more watery consistency while the less water you use, the more of a sticky honey paste consistency so it’s up to you what you prefer.
Author Bio: Hello! My name is Tianna. I live in sunny Southern California USA. I am the owner and founder of Storybook Apothecary, a lifestyle blog with an emphasis on green beauty, fashion, fitness and everything in between! I blog all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle with a unique sense of Italian Irish sassy sarcasm, laid back Cali girl style, and an innate (nearing on obsessive) love for pretty things, film and TV, and books about futuristic dystopian societies.
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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I can only recommend what I like and use personally, but if you’re unsure whether or not using these ingredients is right for you and your skin, please consult your primary care physician and/or dermatologist.