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Cookies and Cream Chocolate Cake

O.M.G.  Once again, my love for chocolate cake is growing.  Really growing.  Travis Bligen, wonderful baker, has created another delightful cake.  Another great chocolate cake.

As, I’ve expressed before, I’m not really a fan of chocolate cake.  I love when my younger brother makes a chocolate cake, and I love the ones made by Travis.  Number one reason:  they are moist!

This Cookies and Cream Chocolate Cake is so rich and decadent.  It’s almost sinful to sit and eat an entire piece.  It has these very moist layers of chocolate cake.  And nestled in between are crunchy and creamy layers of cookies and cream and smooth chocolate pudding layers.  Then the entire cake is covered with chocolate ganache.  

This is a cake that must be eaten very slowly:  (1) to enjoy every bite of it, and (2) because it is sooo rich.  If you can’t handle a chocolate punch in the mouth, this cake is not for you.  Great job again, Travis!


If you recall my post on the Italian Cream Cake, you know just how much I enjoyed that cake too.  You can enjoy it as well.  If you are in the San Antonio area, you can sign up for Travis’ cake decorating class.  You will learn how to decorate your cake, even themed cakes.  And the best part:  you get to take your cake home!  Be sure to tell him Tameka sent you.


How would you enjoy this Cookies and Cream creation?