Dream Home Possibilities

I’m not big on fancy and expensive things.  I’m just not.  But I do like nice things that are inexpensive.  But if I had the money to make my dream home, I would splurge a little.  For sure.

I would want the front of my house to look really nice.  A level front yard (for some reason I can’t stand when yards have a slope), beautiful green grass, nice landscaping with great curb appeal.  And don’t forget the front porch.  I’ve always wanted a home with a  covered front porch.  To just sit outside and enjoy nature (when mosquitoes are out of season, of course).
I don’t need a very spacious home, just one with enough space.  I like clean lines, so a living room similar to this one would be nice.  I even like the idea of a sunken living room.  But I would need the furniture to be darker, no whites or creams.  

I’m not one to cook, so an elaborate kitchen is not needed.  But I love the idea of this circular kitchen.  It’s just so different.  And it’s not too big with just the right look and feel.  I would like to brighten it up some.

I have accumulated a lot of things over the years.  Some things I need to just throw out.  But storage becomes a big deal for me in a home.  I like the idea of utilizing space in the home for storage.  This below-the-stairs storage is a genius idea.  You can store away all of your items and keep them hidden without taking up other space in the home.


For my bedroom, something similar to this is perfect.  I want a low profile bed, but I would like storage drawers underneath, and a headboard with storage and shelving for picture sand books.  This alleviates so many pieces of furniture in the room.  And for more storage, this two-story closet.  Heaven!!!  It will definitely hold all my shoes and clothing.  And future shoes and clothing.  I think I would just pitch a cot and sleep in there.

For my bathroom, it must be spacious.  No one likes a tiny bathroom.  I mainly takes showers, but would love this tub to just relax and take bubble baths every now and then.  This is such a beautiful tub.


And finally, I would like a nice size backyard.  Not too large, who’s going to mow that lawn?  I’ve always wanted a backyard that I can enjoy.  One free of stray cats, and ant invasions.  Nice level, fluffy green grass.  Hey, I might just want to roll around in it like a kid.  This would be just as nice as the front porch.

 I will be working towards getting most of my dream into reality for my bedroom.  The other rooms will have to wait for a while.  I may never end up with a dream home, but a girl can dream, right?!

So what does your dream home look like?