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Feel The Music #53 {Guest Post}

Today for Feel The Music, we have a guest post by Mari, who blogs at Living in Mommywood.  She shares my love of music and brings an inspiring message to women in this post.  I want to thank her for being a guest today.  Be sure to visit Mari’s blog to learn more about her.

Brick House
Hey! Hope everyone had an awesome day today. I want to thank Tameka for having me over and being that she writes about music among other things I thought I would share this musical ride with you.
This one came from watching and reading up on the latest diet and exercise crazes for Summer 2015.
From hearing the females at my hair Salon yap about body issues and from the sheer enjoyment this song brings me.
This one comes from all the magazines and reality shows that suggest you must have a certain look in order to be “sexy” or “appealing”.
Brick House by The Commodores!
Nothing about that song screams your not attractive, loose those curves, your body type is wrong, your not lovable, your not eating right or the dreaded…loose a few more inches.
This song actually speaks of and for the majority…not the minority when it comes to body type. This song has a positive vibe and uplifting sense of strong self.
I can’t recall how old I was exactly when I first heard it but I believe I was under the age of 10. The numbers caught my attention “36-24-36 what a winning hand!”. What are these numbers and what are you saying? I know now that back then I had no clue as to what the song was about but I knew the song was catchy. I knew it made me smile and feel like dancing.It also helped my mom was a huge fan of Lionel Richie so the Commodores music was always playing in my house.
To some it may be sexist, to write a song about women’s attributes and the idea this is a sure way to get a man or keep him interested but to me it is a little more powerful than that. Yes it has those elements but it also has the elements of confidenceself worth, and pride. The phrase “she’s a Brick House” brings to mind strength. Not easy to crumble or move out the way. These men praised that in the women they admired.
As women there should never be anything wrong with owning our body type and walking in confidence. A number on a scale or a clothing line that doesn’t carry pieces that fit our form should never break us down. Should never mess with our heads or who we see in the mirror. Whatever number you are, carry it with pride. When people see you they see your confidence first. If you walk with your head down, slouch on your chair or speak without assertion the number you are will never really matter.
I am a Brick House, my daughter is a Brick House are you a Brick House?
Always stress free xo.

Mari Corona