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My New Love For Chocolate Cake

I love cake!  Did I say that I love cake?  Yes, I did!  I’ve never been a fan of chocolate cake, though.  I will eat German Chocolate cake, mostly because of the coconut.  But will usually pass when offered a slice of any other chocolate cake, especially Devil’s Food cake.  Blah!

But I am now in love with one particular chocolate cake.  I shared a post about a wonderful Italian Cream Cake that I had.  Well, the same baker, Travis Bligen, made this awesome chocolate cake.  

courtesy of Travis Bligen

Travis sent me a slice as a sample some weeks ago.  I remember how sad I was when it was all gone.  I kept raving to my brother about how good the cake was.  How moist!!  How delicious!!  And once again, Travis wowed me with his light frosting.  His frosting is the best because it’s not heavy or overly sweet.

courtesy of Travis Bligen
I loved this cake so much that I had to have a whole cake.  I was sitting and wanting something sweet one night, and my brother came home with the whole cake.  I did a little dance and cut me a slice immediately.  As I remembered, it was heaven!  It’s so good that you just want to take your time eating it, so that you can enjoy every single bite.

Nothing beats a moist cake, especially a moist chocolate cake.  I want to thank Travis again for putting a smile on my face.  He is doing such an awesome job with his baking.  I can’t wait try to something else from him.  Remember, you can contact Travis on Instagram (#JanieMaesCakes).

What is your favorite chocolate cake?