#TBT~~Concert Time 2012

I love, love music.  But I really love Mint Condition, the best R&B band EVER!!  Their music is a little bit soul and a little bit rock and roll.  If you’ve never heard their music, you are truly missing out.
I have been the #1 fan of the band since day one.  Every album is a pleaser.  They have great lyrics, great music and great vocal arrangement to their songs.  
Getting ready to see Mint Condition in Dallas 2012
But nothing beats seeing them live in concert.  I’ve seen them in concert three times already.  I have been so blessed to have great seats at every concert, sixth row at two of them.  
Lead Singer Stokley and Me

 They have never toured any closer to San Antonio than Austin, TX.  And I am so excited that they will be here in San Antonio this September.  Just days after my birthday!!  I literally, and I mean literally, had a fit when I found out.  I was dancing and screaming in my uncle’s kitchen.  

So my mother is buying me a ticket as a birthday present.  I will definitely be doing a post about the concert when it comes.  I love this band.  And I appreciate that they’ve been so consistent at pleasing their fans.

Who is your favorite band?