Father’s Day Q&A with Daddy

I am so blessed to still have my father in my life.  Several people  my age no longer have their father.  But God has blessed my daddy to be here for 64 years now.  And although I may not show it all the time, I am very grateful that he is still around.

Father’s Day is fast approaching this weekend.  My brothers and I haven’t quite decided what to get our daddy yet.  He is one of the hardest people to shop for.  But I’m sure we will think of something special for him.

I thought it would be cool and interesting to do a Q&A with him for Father’s Day.  My daddy is a man of many words, but it’s not often that I get to have a serious conversation with him.  So I sat down and asked him a few questions regarding parenting.

Daddy Brown



Q:  How did you feel when you first learned that you were going to be a father?

A: Happy.  Happy because I had a boy.

Q:  What was the scariest thing about being a new parent?

A:  Having to take care of a baby.

Q:  How did your first child prepare you for your other children?

A:  It prepared me for the nightly cries and diaper changes.  And the sleepless nights.

Q:  How did you feel knowing that you were going to have a little girl?

A:  Happy, very happy.  Because I always wanted a little girl.

Q:  If you had to do anything differently, would you?  And what would it be?

A:  I would not have children so close together.    (I guess he was referring to me and my younger brother, because there’s almost six years between my older brother and me.)

Q:  Are you happy with the way your children’s lives turned out to be?

A:  Yes.  They did something right.  They’ve been able to experience how life is.

Q:  What advice would you give your children at this stage in their lives?

A:  To be sure to make the right choices in life because you can’t go back and undo what you’ve done.


It was nice to probe the mind of my daddy with these questions.  I know that he was a little reluctant to do the interview.  He said that I better not put him all over “Twitter and Ditter”.  Lol.  I could also tell that he was getting emotional as I asked the questions, so I tried to speed the interview along.  Again, I thank God for my father and hope to have him around for many more years.

What question would you love to ask your father?