Bike Riding

I am not a physically active person.  Not at all!  I don’t work out, although I should (how else can I burn off all the pastries I eat?)  I just do not care for working out, and I hate to sweat.  But, I do try to go walking sometimes, or even bike riding.

Biking 2

My brother purchased a bike for me some months ago.  I enjoy bike riding, but it does get exhausting because I’m so out of shape.  We went bike riding recently.  I was so afraid that I would be sore the next day, because I didn’t do any stretching prior to riding.  But surprisingly, I was just fine.

We started off at one of the neighborhood parks near my house.  The city has built walking/biking trails that extend through several parks in my area.  The trails can be scary because there are so many trees and you never know who or what may emerge from them.  But the trees provide a lot of shade and coolness, which was needed on this particular day because it did get hot out pretty early.  


As we started off, we noticed a little bird perched on a pillar.  We headed off bike riding and went through one large park, two smaller parks and then stopped at the next large park that we came to.  We took a break and had some water, and then headed back.  When we got back to the point where we started, the little bird was still perched in the same place, as if it was waiting for us.  My brother said that it was God’s angel making sure that we returned safely.  

Biking 3

I did enjoy my bike ride.  Although that bike seat is a little uncomfortable.  We ended up biking about 5 miles total.  I’m going to try to go bike riding more often.  I will need to go early in the morning or later in the evening when the weather is cooler.  Because the Texas heat is no joke.  Hopefully, the bike riding will be a good substitute for working out, and help me get into shape.

What is your favorite form of physical activity?