Math Tip of the Day: Dividing Fractions Easily

When students are taught how to multiply fractions, they are usually taught the traditional method.  Take the second fraction and use its reciprocal (flip the fraction), and then multiply.  There is a way of dividing fractions easily using cross multiplication.  The math tip of the day will show you how.

Dividing Fractions Easily

For example, dividing 3/5 by 1/4.  Multiply 3*4.  This becomes your numerator.  Multiply 1*5,  This becomes your denominator.  Since you would use the reciprocal and flip the second fraction anyway, you’re completing two steps at once (You must multiply numerator of 1st fraction times denominator of 2nd fraction, then numerator of 2nd times denominator of the 1st).

Dividing Fractions Easily 2

You won’t have to remember which fraction to flip, or you won’t forget to actually multiply.  These two steps are now completed at one time.  Therefore, it makes the division easier!

Try dividing these fractions on your own.  Divide 3/7 by 5/6.