My Natural Hair Products

I began transitioning to wearing my natural hair about 4 years ago.  I wore microbraids for a year so that the relaxer could grow out of my hair.  After that year, I trimmed the ends of my hair and started upon this natural hair journey.

I admit, it has not been easy at all.  Yes, I’ve saved a lot of money as opposed to going to the hair salon every two weeks like I used to.  I do miss having someone else do my hair as I just sit there and relax.  But the money I’ve saved has now equated to time spent taking care of my hair.    Having natural hair is like putting in another full time job.

It took me only a short while to find natural hair products that I like.  I do not like trying tons of products.  One, I don’t want to waste the money.  And two, I don’t want to waste the time.  I came across the Shea Moisture natural hair care products early in my journey.  And they have been a staple of mine.

In this post, I will share with you my natural hair products that I use regularly.  These products have proven that they work for me.  They are easily accessible at stores like Target and CVS.  And I plan to use them continuously.

Oil and Co-Wash

Natural Hair Coconut Oil and Co-Wash Conditioner

At first, I used a lot of olive oil on my hair.  But I found it to be too heavy sometimes.  I watched a YouTube video on using organic coconut oil.  I have been using it regularly for months and it’s made a huge difference!  It has enhanced my curl pattern and helps with shrinkage.  A wash and go looks a lot better (I referred to mine as a wash and no in the past because it was so awful).  And it adds more shine and softness (I’m obsessed with my hair being soft).  I use the Suave Professionals Almond Butter and Shea  Butter Conditioner as a co-wash.  It’s nothing fancy or expensive, and I usually catch it on sale for under $3.  I’ve been using it as a co-wash since the beginning of my journey.  It has nice slip and helps to cleanse and condition.

Deep Conditioner and Leave-in Conditioners

Natural Hair Conditioner and Mask

I have tried 3 different hair care lines from Shea Moisture, but the Strengthen, Grow & Restore line is probably my favorite.  The smell is lovely!  I use the Treatment Masque ever 2-3 weeks, or as necessary for deep conditioning.  The Leave-in Conditioner is very nice and light and can be used on wash day or any other day.  I also use another homemade leave-in conditioner on wash day.  It consists of some essential oils and a couple other items.  I will provide you the recipe next week when I discuss my wash day routine.

Twist Out Creams and Gels

Natural Hair Twist Out Smoothie, Gel and Wax

Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie has been phenomenal with twist outs!  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  This will always be my go-to product for twisting my hair.  I also use the Curling Gel Soufflé.  Both products have great slip, and enhance my curl while adding softness.  I’ve been recently using the Jamaican Mango & Lime Locking Creme Wax per the advice of a natural hair stylist.  It helps to elongate my hair, but I’m still analyzing its effectiveness for twist outs.

Edge Gel

Natural Hair Edge Treatment

The Edge Treatment is used when I really want my edges to lay down and stay in place.  A little goes a long way.  No gel really works on my hair, but this works the best so far.

Next week, I’ll be posting about my wash day routine and how I complete my twist outs.  I will explain how each product is used in that process.  So stay tuned for more details.

What is your favorite natural hair care product(s)?