National Sugar Cookie Day

I don’t think anyone has ever loved cookies more than Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.  Except maybe me!  I enjoy a great cookie every now and then (more now than then, actually).  One of my favorites is Snickerdoodles.  I also love Chocolate Chip cookies.  But I find it difficult to come across a fabulous Sugar cookie.  I did find a Sugar cookie that I love at a restaurant (see the post).

pot belly sugar cookie

I have tried several Sugar cookie recipes in the past, both homemade and store bought refrigerated cookie dough.  Most of the homemade recipes require that the cookie dough be chilled, which takes a lot of time.  And the cookies never seem to be of the quality that I prefer:  lightly crispy edges and chewy centers.  I’ve actually enjoyed the results from refrigerated cookie dough more.  But of course, nothing’s better than homemade.

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Today is National Sugar Cookie Day, and I was looking for a recipe that will produce that type of Sugar cookie that I love.  I was immediately captured by the look of these cookies.    They are nice and uniform in shape and size.  They appear to have the right texture, and the recipe recommends using the best vanilla extract to get the best flavor possible.  The author calls this recipe The Best Sugar Cookie Recipe.

And what’s even better is that the dough does not have to be refrigerated or rolled.  Some people love to roll out cookie dough and cut out pretty little shapes.  But that’s just too much work for me, unless I’m baking with a child.  I, personally, would just sprinkle a little extra sugar on top before baking.  Rolling them in the sugar might make them too sweet for me.  And the recipe yields nearly 4 dozen cookies!  I’m sure I could eat a dozen slightly warm cookies all by myself.

I am going to try out this Sugar cookie recipe.  I hope that it holds up to its name, and that the cookies are exactly as I like them.  Then I will finally have a Sugar cookie recipe that I love!

Share your favorite Sugar Cookie recipe!