Helpful Math Tools for Back to School

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School will soon be back in session.  And some students are already dreading math class.  Here is a list of helpful math tools for back to school.  These tools will aid in making math a little more tolerable this school year.

Math Tools

Helpful Math Tools

  1. Multiplication Table.  Many students struggle with multiplication.  So to have a multiplication table will really be useful as a quick reference.
  2. Compass & protractor.  These tools are great for a student in Geometry class.  They assist in drawing perfect angles and circles.
  3. Play Money.  For elementary students just learning to count money, the play money can be fun and educational at the same time.  Have students pretend to purchase their favorite toys and treats by counting out the proper amount of money.
  4. Calculator.  This tool is a must have for middle school and high school students.  A graphing calculator is best for high school students.  Try the TI-Inspire.  **Before spending lots of money on a calculator, try your local pawn shop first.Calculator
  5. Counters.  Elementary students will find these helpful when they are learning how to count and how to do simple addition and subtraction.
  6. Ruler.  Many students do not know how to properly use a ruler.  Having a ruler handy and practicing measurements is a plus. Ruler
  7. Flash Cards.  For extra practice with math vocabulary and math computation, flash cards are very helpful.  It never hurts to practice math skills regularly.
  8. Graph Paper.  This can be used to aid in multiplication (see post) or to have handy when you need to graph a line or two. graph paper

What math tool helps your student best?