Most Popular Dream Jobs

I was watching a television show called Masterminds.  It is a show about criminals who have pulled off some of the most amazing crimes.  The episode was about a man who continuously presented himself as a medical doctor.  He used false credentials to get jobs as a physician.  Yet, he kept getting caught and going to prison.  While in prison he would still refer to himself as a doctor, and all the inmates would call him ‘Doc’.  He used his prison stays to study medicine and medical procedures.  So every time that he was released for good behavior, he would go back to being an impostor.

He went too far when he was working at a clinic and servicing FBI agents.  The agents were required to go to the clinic for their physical exams and medical procedures.  The ‘doctor’ was eventually caught again, and charged with a federal crime this time.  Can you believe that he still referred to himself as a doctor during that last prison stay?  He wanted to be a doctor so bad.  Maybe that was his dream job as a child.

courtesy of Bing

Men and women have several dreams of their careers as children.  Sometimes those dreams remain the same.  And sometimes their dreams and ideas change as they get older.  Here is a list (courtesy of The Washington Post) of the most popular dream jobs of children.  My first dream job (lawyer) appears on the men’s list, and my second dream job (teacher, which I accomplished) is on the women’s list.

courtesy of Bing

Most Popular Dream Jobs (women)

  1. Teacher
  2. Veterinarian
  3. Writer/Journalist
  4. Tie:  Singer and Doctor, Nurse, EMT

Most Popular Dream Jobs (men)

  1. Professional/Olympic Athlete
  2. Tie:  Scientist and Pilot
  3. (unfortunately the list didn’t show #3)
  4. Lawyer
  5. Astronaut

What was your or your child’s dream job?