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Classroom Pencil Sharpener Review

**Disclaimer:  I was not paid for this review.  I was gifted a pencil sharpener to use.  The opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.

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Being a teacher, especially a math teacher, I know the importance of having a good pencil sharpener in the classroom.  Too many times, I’ve been supplied “cheap” pencil sharpeners that have the life expectancy of an ant.  Well maybe, a little longer than an ant.  But, you get my point!

The pencil sharpeners that are usually supplied by the school are not the greatest.  They don’t last long.  They’re noisy.  And they have a huge appetite for pencils, gnawing on them until there’s nothing left.

Oftentimes, I would purchase my own pencil sharpener to have in the classroom, as well as many other supplies.  I have tried different ones over the years.  Some sharpened very well, but the blade got dull quickly.  Others were very quiet, but ate away at the pencil.  Yes, some pencils determine the effectiveness of a sharpener.  But should that matter?

I was able to use a fabulous pencil sharpener by Classroom Friendly Supplies.  My students and I used the sharpener all year last school year.  I was so excited because the previous year, every sharpener that I had went kaplut!  A student was able to sharpen a candy cane, but not his pencil with the last sharpener.  How crazy is that?!  So, having a nice sharpener was going to be awesome!

The sales of the pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies began because of an elementary teacher who loved how the sharpener worked in their own classroom.  Of course, another teacher can definitely understand what type of sharpener is needed in a classroom.  The company relies on word of mouth to share the greatness of their products.  So I am more than happy to put the word out there about how smoothly the sharpener works.

The pencil sharpener comes in many colors, including black, blue, red, green and yellow.  I requested a pink one to review, since it matched the color scheme of my classroom.  Purchases can be made from the Classroom Friendly Supplies website.  The sharpeners are reasonably priced at $24.99, and you can save by purchasing a set of three.  I’ve seen more expensive sharpeners “die” very quickly.

The sharpener is not one that is desk mounted or wall mounted.  I placed mine on top of a file cabinet near the classroom door.  I wish that it had suction on the bottom to allow it to adhere to surfaces better.

The sharpener is not large, but not too small where it’s hard to maneuver.  Because the sharpener is made a little different from  what students and teachers are used to, the company did provide instructions about how to use it.  I printed and laminated the instructions, and kept them on the wall near the sharpener.

I was very adamant with my students that the instructions be followed until they were used to operating the sharpener.  When anyone would come to my classroom to use the sharpener, I would be sure to refer them to the instructions.  The response to the functionality of the pencil sharpener is always the same:  it does a great job.

I was highly impressed with how it sharpened all pencils:  low and high quality pencils.  I loved how you could easily tell when the pencil was fully sharpened.  And the point of the lead was perfect.  Never once, did the sharpener “eat up” anyone’s pencil.  Not one time!!  It was also very easy to discard the pencil shavings.

My students were very excited after using the pencil sharpener for the first time.  “It’s really cool and helpful,” said one student.  “It’s works so well, it should be an alien,” said another.  The company claims that the sharpener is very quiet.  I do not particularly agree with that.  It isn’t noisy, but not silent either.  But I do not mind that.  My main concern is how it sharpens pencils.

I do highly recommend this pencil sharpener for every classroom.  It sharpens well, quickly and seamlessly.  Save your pencils!!  Get a pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies.

Have you found a great pencil sharpener for your classroom?