Kids Rewards Bingo using Happy Planner Student Planner Pages

My godson loves video games.  Loves them!  Maybe a little too much.  And I would love for him to stop playing them so much.

I’ve tried to use the video games as a privilege for doing well in school and at home.  But he still tends to get too much screen time.  So I was trying to think of a way to reward him for doing good in school and at home, limiting the use of the video games.

I was watching a YouTube video where someone was repurposing the planner pages of a Happy Planner Student Planner, and I thought I would be able to do the same and create a bingo game instead.  I decided that I would create the rewards bingo and use the planner pages.  As my godson accomplishes some of his academic and personal goals, he would gain bingo spaces to earn rewards.

During one of his visits to my house, I discussed my idea with him, and we sat together and came up with a list of things that he could accomplish in order to earn his rewards.  I felt that making this list with him would make him buy into it more.  It would only be fair to set goals that he felt were attainable as well.  Then we discussed the different types of rewards that he could earn.  Prior to making the bingo, we wrote out all of the things he needed to be accomplished on strips of paper, put them in a little bucket, and randomly pulled them to decide which bingo space they would fit in.  I felt that this would make it a fair game for him by randomly laying out everything on the bingo spread.

Because the layout of the student planner has different boxes, I felt that it was the perfect layout for the bingo.  I purchased the happy planner student planner kit solely for this purpose.  The student planner layout of the boxes is 7 by 7, even though I only needed 5 by 5 for the bingo layout.  So I decided to use the additional space for decorating.

I wanted my godson to actually film the making of the bingo game with me for my YouTube channel, but he did not want to do it, even though I promised his face wouldn’t be on camera.  But I was OK with that.  When it came time to film I took the planner pages for a weekly spread, and trimmed them down so I could fit it into one sheet.  I adhered them together with some washi tape on the backside.  And then I decorated the pages with some stickers (Colorful Boxes, Tiny , Alphabet and Student Happy Planner stickers) and washi tape.  I kept the right side free so that I can write in the rewards later.

I then took my list of the things he needed to accomplish, and wrote them in in the coordinating spaces on the bingo sheet.  Because he had already accomplished a few things, I went ahead and marked them on the sheet with smiling emoji stickers.  I used a star to indicate the free space.

I was so excited after completing the rewards bingo game.  I thought it turned out so nicely, and was so cute.   I’m actually considering creating one for myself.  This way I can work towards getting my own rewards for accomplishing my personal and business goals.

Have you ever consider making a rewards game for your children?  Here is my YouTube video showing the process of making the rewards bingo game.  Hopefully, it will provide inspiration and easy directions to create one for your children.

What kind of rewards do you offer your children for good behavior, good grades and completing their chores?


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