National Days

National Love Note Day 💕

Today is National Love Note Day!

What better day to express your love to your family and friends?!  To those who have supported you and assisted you.  To those who have prayed for you and cared for you.  Today, I have decided to write a love note to myself.  Why not?!  I love me!

It isn’t something that we consider often, but we should consistently express the love that we have for ourselves.  It is by loving ourselves that we become content with ourselves.  Content with our flaws, content with our shortcomings.  By loving ourselves, we learn to respect ourselves more, and demand that same respect from others.  We gain confidence in our appearance and our abilities.

So on this National Love Note Day, when you are writing love notes to others, don’t forget to write a love note to yourself.  You are worthy of love from yourself and others.  Love yourself the same way that God loves you.

Who will you write a love note to today?