How I Became a Planner Babe

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Planners, and stickers and washi!! Oh my!!

Yes, that’s what has become of my life and my world.  Planning.  Who knew that I would become a sticker obsessed planner babe?!

In the past, I was never one to really get into planning.  I used to purchase the little pocket planners, that were mainly just monthly view planners.  And I would jot down a few things:  a few errands, a few tasks.  But I never really put those little pocket planners to complete use.

Considering that I am a perfectionist, you would think that I would be very diligent about planning.  But I’m also a procrastinator, and that combination kept me from being organized most of the time.  Sure I’d remember the important things, but forget others.

When I started teaching, in a sense I was forced to plan.  Teachers are required to do lesson planning, so I definitely needed to stay organized with that.  I did most of my lesson planning digitally. But after a few years, I decided to start writing my plans down.   I found that it helped me to be even more organized and to clearly lay out my plans.

I would start by broadly planning the semester.  Then I would get more specific to the quarter, into the current month and week.  I loved being ahead of the game with my planning.  That way, I was never wondering what I was going to teach for the day.

I decided to start using a planner specifically for teachers that I found on an online teacher site.  It worked out greatly.  I could prefill most things on my computer, print it out and then pencil in things as needed.   Soon after I purchased the planner, I came across the Happy Planner on a blog.  It seemed very interesting,  but I chose not to purchase it because I had already just spent money on a planner.

The following school year, I came across the Happy Planner again.  I got an email from them.  I didn’t even remember signing up for their mailing list!  But it was all in the plan.  Pun intended!

I went to their website and started looking at the different planners that they had available.  Then I flocked to YouTube to check out videos, to see how people were using their Happy Planner.   I saw people using their planners in a functional way, in a decorative way and even in a combination of the two.   Prior to that, I had never known of anyone placing stickers in their planner.   And I finally realized what all the hype was about washi tape.

I finally decided on the planner that I wanted to purchase, and ended up purchasing it on Amazon.  I couldn’t wait for it to get to me!  The planner was dated to start in July of 2018, so I had to wait awhile before I can use it.  But in the meantime, I kept watching videos.

And when I say I watched videos…. I WATCHED videos!!   Hours and hours and hours of planner videos.   I hadn’t got my planner yet, but I was a pro at this whole planning thing!   But I swore I wasn’t going to become a planner girl.   Oh no, a planner girl I am not.

But I started to plan and I started to love it and enjoy it!  I even began to create my own YouTube planning videos.  Lo and behold, I became a planner girl.  I prefer the term “planner babe”.   😊 My brother even teased me and said “I thought you weren’t a planner girl.”   I still consider myself a  lifestyle blogger, just a planner babe lifestyle blogger. 😊

Planning has really helped me stay organized in my daily life.  Having those cute little stickers on the page keeps me coming back to my planner to ensure that I’m completing all my plans.  And planning has also helped me stay organized more with my blog.   I even started a social media planner, where I document all of my blog posts and social media posts as well.

So yeah, I  love my planners, my stickers and my washi tape.  And I don’t want to stop planning.   I’m a happy planner babe, but at least I’m organized.

How do you stay organized?  Are you a planner also?