How I Keep Reaching for My Goals

The new year is here, and the first month of the year is quickly coming to an end.  Where are you at with your goals for the new year?  Have you achieved any of them?  Have you adjusted them?  Or maybe you’ve done away with them altogether?

Sometimes, it is hard to continue with new goals, dreams and aspirations.  We tend to be highly motivated at first, and then the momentum may dwindle.  But I am determined to stay focused on my goals so that I can attain them.  There are a few things that I’m doing to keep reaching for my goals.

  1. I am writing down my goals in my ‘As If’ planner.  In this planner, I list the things that I want to achieve as if they have already come to fruition.  It is a way of speaking life into your goals, and watching them manifest.  It also assists in keeping me positive about what I’m trying to achieve.
  2. I have given my desires to the Lord and prayed about them.  I am trying to stay in the Word more, and build my relationship more with Christ.  I believe that all things are possible through Him, but it takes a relationship first.
  3. I am also writing out steps to my goals in my planner each week.  This ensures that I am completing the necessary things to reach my goals.  I don’t always get everything done on the day that I list it, but I know that I can always postpone it to another day or time.
  4. I also think about why I want to achieve these goals and why they are important to me.  This really helps motivate me to go to the gym, which is something that I’ve never really had a desire to do.  Remembering why is a big part of staying focused.

What are you doing to keep reaching your goals?