• Feel The Music

    Feel The Music #65

    Old school Rap music is the best Rap music.  I enjoyed the Rap music of the 80’s and 90’s.  I don’t even know most of the rappers of today.  There was so much talk of beef between Drake and Meek Mill.  I didn’t know what or who a Meek Mill was until last week. The artist behind this week’s song had a very distinctive voice and sound.  His style was laid back and chill.  I’m still not sure what this song was about, but it was a popular one with a nice beat and a nice groove.  Make sure you’re worthy of the “Funky Cold Medina” by Tone Loc.  Feel the music!…

  • Pastries

    National Cheesecake Day 2015

    I’ve expressed before that I’m not a fan of cheesecake.  People are always telling me to try this one, and try that one, and I will acquire a love for it.  I challenged everyone last year to share a cheesecake recipe with me that would win me over.  But nothing yet.  So in the spirit of National Cheesecake Day, I sought out some of the most interesting cheesecake recipes.  They all appear to be filled with flavor.  I wonder if any of them can win me over.  Maybe they will win you over as well. Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake If you love cinnamon rolls, then this may be the cheesecake for…

  • Feel The Music

    Feel The Music #64

    This song is one of my favorites by this artist.  It is a beautiful ballad about love.  The kind of love that is attentive, caring, inspiring and protective.   I must sing it every time I hear it.  The song was featured on a movie soundtrack some years ago.  Michelle Pfeiffer had a starring role.  The song is performed by one of the best female vocalists.  This week’s song is “Because You Loved Me” by Céline Dion.  Feel the music! Enjoy!!

  • Blogging

    Blogging with Sverve

    As a blogger, you come across several social media platforms and many affiliate programs.  It got to the point where I was signed up for so many sites and programs, that I couldn’t keep up with them all.  For a while, I just didn’t go to any of the sites and make updates or check for opportunities, because it just got overwhelming. But I decided to revisit my Sverve account.  Of all the affiliate programs that I have signed up for, blogging with Sverve has been the easiest.  Their site is simple to use and the easiest to understand.  And that is always a plus for me. At first, I…

  • Feel The Music

    Feel The Music #63

    This song is another throwback to the 80’s.  This group had some great R&B songs.  I remember being a kid and listening to this song when my parents would play their albums.  That’s right, albums.  There were not CDs and MP3s at that time.       I was thought about this song because a situation came about recently.  Someone decided to butt in to someone else’s business, thinking that they could make a situation better.  As this song states, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.   Take  Midnight Star‘s advice and “Don’t Rock the Boat“.  Feel the music! Enjoy!!

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    Feel The Music #62

    This song is a beautiful expression of love from a mother to a child.  Although the father was not in the picture, the mother does not regret having the baby.  The child brings so much happiness to her.   I remember how popular this song was back in the late 80’s.  The artist has a great voice and still sings in stage plays today.  What an inspirational song for single mothers out there.  This week’s song is “Thanks for My Child” by Cheryl Pepsi Riley.  Feel the music! Enjoy!!

  • Pastries

    National Sugar Cookie Day

    I don’t think anyone has ever loved cookies more than Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.  Except maybe me!  I enjoy a great cookie every now and then (more now than then, actually).  One of my favorites is Snickerdoodles.  I also love Chocolate Chip cookies.  But I find it difficult to come across a fabulous Sugar cookie.  I did find a Sugar cookie that I love at a restaurant (see the post). I have tried several Sugar cookie recipes in the past, both homemade and store bought refrigerated cookie dough.  Most of the homemade recipes require that the cookie dough be chilled, which takes a lot of time.  And the cookies…