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    Kids Rewards Bingo using Happy Planner Student Planner Pages

    My godson loves video games.  Loves them!  Maybe a little too much.  And I would love for him to stop playing them so much. I’ve tried to use the video games as a privilege for doing well in school and at home.  But he still tends to get too much screen time.  So I was trying to think of a way to reward him for doing good in school and at home, limiting the use of the video games. I was watching a YouTube video where someone was repurposing the planner pages of a Happy Planner Student Planner, and I thought I would be able to do the same and…

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    Lose the Cape! (A Book Review)

    I had the pleasure of participating in a book review.  Now the funny thing is, this book is all about parenting.  And I am not a mother.  Not biologically, anyway.  I have been assisting in raising my godson since he was six months old, so I thought why not give the book a try.  I must say that I was very pleased, informed and entertained. Lose the Cape!  Never Will I Ever (and then I had Kids!) is a great compilation by editors Alexa Bigwarfe and Kerry Rivera.  Alexa is a freelance writer and mother of three who blogs at No Holding Back.  And Kerry is a full-time working mom of three who…