DIY Mason Jar Ice Cream | National Ice Cream Day

It’s National Ice Cream Day!!  You scream, I’ll scream, We’ll all scream for the ice cream!! Nothing is better than ice cream in the summer.  Except homemade ice cream!!!  I remember making homemade ice cream as a child.  My mother had an ice cream machine.  We would add the rock salt and all of our Continue reading

National Cheesecake Day 2015

I’ve expressed before that I’m not a fan of cheesecake.  People are always telling me to try this one, and try that one, and I will acquire a love for it.  I challenged everyone last year to share a cheesecake recipe with me that would win me over.  But nothing yet.  So in the spirit Continue reading

Muffin Recipe Roundup

Yes, it’s been revealed by now that I am a lover of muffins.  A muffin master.  A muffin connoisseur.  Then it occurred to me, I’ve done post about muffins, but never a roundup of recipes.  So, here’s a few muffin recipes you may enjoy.  Because everyone loves muffins! Very Berry Muffins  source: A berry Continue reading