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    Pumpkin Round #5 2018: Desserts

    We have embarked on our last stop in this pumpkin roundup journey.  It is now time to showcase one of my favorite things:  desserts!!  During the last roundup from a few years back, I featured pumpkin bread as the last roundup.  This time, I wanted to provide more dessert options.  So check out these awesome recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth. I have included numerous recipes in this roundup.  Although many are cakes, there are a couple of other great dessert options as well.  And one even incorporates coconut!!  Yum! Pumpkin Sheet Cake Sheet cake is a great dessert to prepare for a family gathering.  You have traditional vanilla and…

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    Cookies and Cream Chocolate Cake

    O.M.G.  Once again, my love for chocolate cake is growing.  Really growing.  Travis Bligen, wonderful baker, has created another delightful cake.  Another great chocolate cake. As, I’ve expressed before, I’m not really a fan of chocolate cake.  I love when my younger brother makes a chocolate cake, and I love the ones made by Travis.  Number one reason:  they are moist! This Cookies and Cream Chocolate Cake is so rich and decadent.  It’s almost sinful to sit and eat an entire piece.  It has these very moist layers of chocolate cake.  And nestled in between are crunchy and creamy layers of cookies and cream and smooth chocolate pudding layers.  Then the entire cake…

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    My New Love For Chocolate Cake

    I love cake!  Did I say that I love cake?  Yes, I did!  I’ve never been a fan of chocolate cake, though.  I will eat German Chocolate cake, mostly because of the coconut.  But will usually pass when offered a slice of any other chocolate cake, especially Devil’s Food cake.  Blah! But I am now in love with one particular chocolate cake.  I shared a post about a wonderful Italian Cream Cake that I had.  Well, the same baker, Travis Bligen, made this awesome chocolate cake.   courtesy of Travis Bligen Travis sent me a slice as a sample some weeks ago.  I remember how sad I was when it…

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    Italian Cream Cake

    For weeks, my older brother had been telling me that he had ordered something special for me.  And I had better be grateful once I receive it.  I wasn’t absolutely certain what it was, but I had a good idea that it was a pastry.  After all, everyone knows how I adore pastries. Well, he brought my special gift to me, and as I suspected it was a pastry.  A beautiful cake!  And there was coconut on it, so I was immediately pleased.  He wasn’t sure exactly if it was a coconut cake; he knew to tell the baker that I love coconut.  But once I cut into, I realized…

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    Sugar Cake

    My younger brother told me he had a surprise for me.  I said “Did you buy me something?”  He said that he didn’t.  Then that’s not a surprise.  But I was wrong, he did have a nice surprise for me:  Sugar Cake. We have been talking about making this old fashioned treat for a while.  And when I came home, there it was in all its simple beauty.  A smile immediately appeared on my face.  I even had to taste it before I had my dinner. It is superb!  Just the right level of sweetness for me.  Crusty top and edges, and a very moist center.  It reminds me of…

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    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    After you’ve baked all your pies and cakes And set the table with your finest china plates After you’ve made the mashed potatoes and carved the meat After you have buttered the rolls that you’ll eat Once you’ve prepared the green bean casserole And all the gravy has been placed in the gravy bowl After you’ve stuffed yourself with turkey and dressing Don’t forget to thank God for all of your blessings. ~~composed by Tameka Brown

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    Moist Chocolate Cake

    I have a love/hate relationship with chocolate cake.  I want to love it so badly, but it’s just not one of my favorite things.  The problem is that most chocolate cakes that I have encountered are very dry.  Very dry! I have maybe tried 3 chocolate cakes that I’ve found to be delicious and moist.  My brother makes a very good chocolate cake, but he hasn’t made one in a long time.  My favorite bakery, Bakery Lorraine, has a devilishly moist chocolate cake (we are actually ordering one for Thanksgiving).  But it’s been hard finding  a recipe for a super moist one.  But I think I’ll give this recipe a…