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    Merry Christmas 2018

    Whether you receive everything you want today or you receive nothing at all, remember to be grateful and thankful for all that you have.  Because there is always someone that is in a worse situation. This time of year, try to forget the commercialization of it and remember the true meaning behind Christmas.  Remember that God sent His only son here to be born in a manger so that He may be our Savior!  God bless you all!

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    A Child Awaits Jesus

    I had the most interesting conversation with my godson. Godson:  Meka, you know Jesus is coming real soon. Me:  Yes, He is.  That means we have to get ourselves together so that we will be ready when He comes.  So that we can go to heaven.  We have to do the things that God wants us to do. Godson:  I can’t wait for Him to come back.  I want to go to heaven.  No one should want to go to hell.  You know what I think,  I think that when Jesus comes back, He’s going to stretch out his arm from the sky.  And we’re going to walk up His…

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    Feel The Music #47

    Spring is here!!  So, are the allergies, unfortunately.  But I’m loving these beautiful sunny days.  Spring also means that Easter is coming.   Easter, or Resurrection Day as some call it, is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection from the grave.       I love this song because it is a powerful song about Jesus’ death and resurrection.  The lyrics are moving.  And the vocalist has an amazing voice.  I just shout when I listen to this song, thinking about how my Lord and Savior died for me and will come again to receive me. Hallelujah.  Enjoy your Easter weekend with this week’s song, “Rise Again” by Janna Long.   Enjoy!!

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    Have A Merry Christmas!

    I have been very sick with my allergies for the last few days.  I’ve spent most of my time in the bed.  But I am thankful that God has allowed me to see another Christmas day.  A day in which I can celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Jesus was, is and will always be the greatest gift!!  So as you celebrate with your family and friends, remember the wonderful gift of Christ!   Enjoy this song that captures the true spirit of Christmas.

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    My Christmas Wish List

    As a child, I had huge requests and dreams of what I wanted for Christmas.  And I would hope that I would get everything that I wanted.  I didn’t always, but my parents did provide me with what they could. As I’ve grown older, I don’t get all wrapped up, no pun intended, in the gift giving of Christmas.  I usually purchase gifts for my godson only.  And I don’t expect any gifts from others.  I try to buy myself a little something each year, if I can. This year, my wish list is very small.  There are only a few items that I would like.  But the things that…

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    Being Single ≠ Being Broken

    This past weekend, I attended our church conference’s Annual Camp Meeting.  This is a time during the year when church members from churches all over our conference (TX, AR, OK, LA, NM)  gather together in Athens, TX for worship.  You get to see people you haven’t seen since the previous year, and meet new faces as well. I arrived on Thursday because I had Singles Ministry training (I am a Singles Ministry Area Coordinator for the Conference).  I was really hoping that the training would be good, since I went to Athens earlier than I had anticipated because of the training.  I must say, that it was much more than…