Math Tip of the Day: Surface Area Part 2

Last week’s math tip was on surface area.  We looked at the two different types of surface area:  lateral and total.  We also provided tips on calculating surface area correctly.  Remember that the formula for total surface area also includes the formula for the lateral surface area.  This makes it easier to calculate.  Last week’s Continue reading

8 Math Testing Tips for State Assessments

Many students will soon be taking their state assessments.  And many are dreading the math test.  Test taking for math can go smoothly if students remember some important things.  I’ve prepared a list of math testing tips that are sure to give any student a sense of ease and a boost of confidence. Math Testing Continue reading

Math Tip Of The Day: Parabola Transformations

When learning about different functions in Algebra, you will be taught how those functions transform based on the parent function.  Linear, exponential and many other functions have transformations.  This means that the graph will change in shape or size and position on the graph. The graph of quadratic functions is called a parabola.  And parabolas Continue reading

Math Tip Of The Day: Writing Linear Equations From a Table

Writing linear equations can be very simple, especially when the slope and y-intercept are already provided.  It can get a little more challenging when only given a graph.  Then, you have to locate the y-intercept on the graph, and count along the graph to get the slope. But writing linear equations from a table, may Continue reading

Math Tip Of The Day: Factoring Trinomials

The dreaded trinomial!!!! What is a trinomial?  It is a polynomial with 3 terms.  It usually consists of a squared term, a variable term and a constant term.  For example: X2 + 5x – 50.   Sometimes, you may have to factor a trinomial.  But it doesn’t have to be a scary thing.  Factoring trinomials is Continue reading