Feel The Music #64

This song is one of my favorites by this artist.  It is a beautiful ballad about love.  The kind of love that is attentive, caring, inspiring and protective.   I must sing it every time I hear it.  The song was featured on a movie soundtrack some years ago.  Michelle Pfeiffer had a starring role.  The song Continue reading

DVD Review: Tangled {Guest Post}

A few weeks ago, I did a post about deceptive content in children’s movies and television shows.  I talked about some disturbing content that children are exposed to.  That post referenced a program that focused on several Disney films.  Today, this guest post by Janice Wald who blogs at Reflections, will provide a more positive perspective on Continue reading

Do You Really Know What Your Children Are Watching?

When I was a child, we spent more time playing outside than we did inside watching television.  But in this time of technology, children are more attached to their TV’s, computers, video game systems, tablets and MP3 players.  And technology has made it possible for children to watch movies and television shows on all of Continue reading