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    How I Keep Reaching for My Goals

    The new year is here, and the first month of the year is quickly coming to an end.  Where are you at with your goals for the new year?  Have you achieved any of them?  Have you adjusted them?  Or maybe you’ve done away with them altogether? Sometimes, it is hard to continue with new goals, dreams and aspirations.  We tend to be highly motivated at first, and then the momentum may dwindle.  But I am determined to stay focused on my goals so that I can attain them.  There are a few things that I’m doing to keep reaching for my goals. I am writing down my goals in…

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    Happy New Year 2019

    2018 is gone!  It went by in a flash.  Although it was a trying year, it wasn’t all bad.  I am thankful for all the experiences, good and bad.  I’m looking forward to 2019, and thriving in every aspect of my life!  What are your goals/expectations for the new year? What is your word of the year?

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    Resolutions: Make Them or Not?

    The year is winding up, and a new year is fast approaching.  It’s that time of reflection for most people.  They look back on the past year:  the good and the bad.  And most decide how they are going to make the new year bigger and better.  So many people will make New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve made resolutions in the past.  I haven’t always stuck to the resolution that was made.  And usually by the first quarter of the year, most people have given up on meeting those goals.  So some years ago, I decided to stop making ‘resolutions.’  I decided to make a few goals, and see where God…

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    Motivate Me Mondays

    Is there a post that you want to write, but haven’t done so yet?  Do you have comments you need to respond to?  Sometimes we have the best intentions of doing things, but for whatever reason, we can’t get motivated to do so.   I have so many goals for my blog, and personal goals as well that I want to accomplish.  I’ve been trying to set a few goals per week.  But it’s a miracle if I meet even one.  I feel that I need some motivation, and someone to hold me accountable.   So, that’s how I decided to do this new series for the month of August.…