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    Easy Mini Apple Pies

    My brother eats oatmeal for breakfast quite often, and loves to add fruit to it.  For a while now, he’s being adding Dole Fruit Crisp to his oatmeal.  The Dole Fruit Crisp consists of fruit and crunchy granola.  It comes in three flavors, but my brother prefers the Apple Cinnamon. The package recommends heating the fruit and then adding the granola on top.  But my brother just adds them both into his hot oatmeal.  I tried it once, and it was really good.  As I was eating it I thought “Using this fruit would be an easy way to make a pie.”  I’ve never made pie before because it seems so…

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    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    After you’ve baked all your pies and cakes And set the table with your finest china plates After you’ve made the mashed potatoes and carved the meat After you have buttered the rolls that you’ll eat Once you’ve prepared the green bean casserole And all the gravy has been placed in the gravy bowl After you’ve stuffed yourself with turkey and dressing Don’t forget to thank God for all of your blessings. ~~composed by Tameka Brown

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    I Spy Pie!

    Today is National Pie Day!!! I haven’t had pie in a while, but I can see it making an appearance in the near future.  I enjoy fruit pies as well as cream pies.  My favorites are coconut pie and a really good apple pie, with ice cream of course. Here is a list of 25 Perfect Pies from Martha Stewart.  And we know Martha definitely makes them perfect.  Her pies look amazing and I’m sure they taste as good as they look.  There are some classics such as apple, blueberry and pumpkin.  And there some interesting flavors such as raisin and grape.  I must have the Shaker Lemon pie! Shaker Lemon…