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    Happy New Year 2019

    2018 is gone!  It went by in a flash.  Although it was a trying year, it wasn’t all bad.  I am thankful for all the experiences, good and bad.  I’m looking forward to 2019, and thriving in every aspect of my life!  What are your goals/expectations for the new year? What is your word of the year?

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    Resolutions: Make Them or Not?

    The year is winding up, and a new year is fast approaching.  It’s that time of reflection for most people.  They look back on the past year:  the good and the bad.  And most decide how they are going to make the new year bigger and better.  So many people will make New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve made resolutions in the past.  I haven’t always stuck to the resolution that was made.  And usually by the first quarter of the year, most people have given up on meeting those goals.  So some years ago, I decided to stop making ‘resolutions.’  I decided to make a few goals, and see where God…

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    Happy New Year!!!

    Today, we embark on a new year.  This is a time where people make resolutions, most of which they won’t keep.  Others have already ‘predicted’ what 2014 will be for them.    But I have not and will not make any resolutions or predictions for the new year.  I will pray that God gives me strength to overcome whatever obstacles I face, and to appreciate whatever blessings He extends to me. To help keep you and myself inspired at the start of 2014, I will have a 50 day series on ‘I Have Learned’.  These tidbits come from an inspirational stories app that I have on my Microsoft Surface tablet. …