I Walked Out of the Classroom…Again! (Part 3)

Fast forward to year 2 of my return to teaching.  I was hopeful that the year would go well.  But I had concerns:  the coworker who obviously wanted to defile my character and slander my name.  I was pretty sure that she had told lies to parents to deter them from enrolling their students in Continue reading

Classroom Pencil Sharpener Review

**Disclaimer:  I was not paid for this review.  I was gifted a pencil sharpener to use.  The opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links. Being a teacher, especially a math teacher, I know the importance of having a good pencil sharpener in the classroom.  Too many times, I’ve been supplied “cheap” pencil sharpeners Continue reading

I Walked Out of the Classroom…Again (Part 2)

There I was…all excited about a new year!  The previous year had gone fairly well, so why not be hopeful?  Of course, nothing could be worse than my years of teaching public school! My first six years of teaching will forever be emblazoned in my mind.  Not because they were great.  Oh no, far from Continue reading

I Walked Out of the Classroom…Again (Part 1)

When I left the first time, I said I would never go back.  Never…ever!!  It wasn’t worth the emotional and mental stress.  I was never going to do it again!!  But I did…I went back.  After 3 years of not teaching, and only doing private math tutoring, I took a leap of faith and decided Continue reading

Current Approaches to E-learning Activities {Guest Post}

I would like to thank Mallory Zoe for today’s awesome guest post. She provides some great information about education and technology, and how e-learning helps to engage students. Enjoy! E-learning refers to the use of education, teaching and learning carried out using electronic educational technology. Originally initiated with the use of computers and information and Continue reading

Things To Do When First Report Card Comes Home

School has been in session for a while now.  And it’s about that time for students to receive their first progress reports or report cards.  Parents and students alike are wishing for the best.  But what should be done when the report card is received?   via Microsoft clip art There are some steps to Continue reading